Friday, December 26, 2008

Barefoot Books' Annual Winter Sale

Barefoot Books' Annual Winter Sale begins Monday December 29th and runs through Monday February 2nd, with savings of up to 80% on selected bestseller titles, limited stock collectibles and even story cds!! Get your shopping lists ready this weekend , and then be sure to visit next Monday! Happy Holidays!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Arriving cold north winds, cups of hot cider, crunch of leaves underfoot and wood fires. My son prepares for Thanksgiving Day with a list of blessings and all that he is thankful for:

mama's hugs

good books


paper & paints

the chance to dance

snow coming soon

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Barefoot Books Sale This Weekend

Special Sale this weekend, save 30% on all Barefoot Books orders through my site! Barefoot Books has unique gifts that will enchant the whole family, not just the children in your life. Please feel free to browse the fantastic collection of books, puppets, puzzles, music CDs and more upon my web-site where you can shop for featured products, as well as the full Barefoot range. Check out the New Fall Releases, such as the books Little Leap Forward, Arthur of Albion, or Portside Pirates (now in paperback in CD) and the new lift-the flap book, Hidden Hippo. With more books to come in following weeks! Also now available Folkmanis Bee Puppet, Camel Puppet, Llama Puppet, and Polar Bear Puppet...and the Mudpuppy "Landmarks of the World" Puzzle which is the perfect compliment to the Barefoot Book My Granny Went to Market.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

“Neighbor Warming Neighbor” Campaign

For those local to me in the Unity Maine area, here's how this works:
Invest $50 in locally purchased materials to have community volunteers do some basic weatherization on your home on Saturday, October 25. In addition to the weatherization completed on this day, you will also receive a list of additional home weatherization tips to help further decrease heat loss on your home and lower your heating bill.
If your home is already prepared for winter,PLEASE consider sponsoring another community member's home. First come, first serve to get on the list! So call today.
*Donations are needed before October 17 so that we can order and purchase all necessary materials. For more information contact: or 948-9005.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Free Hugs

Humanity's Team teammates around the world are invited to participate in the Global Free Hugs event on October 19th : A Celebration of Oneness.
Humanity's Team is excited to announce their recent collaboration with the Positive Focus organization that initiated the Global Free Hugs event. This is a momentous occasion for Humanity's Team because our involvement marks the first partnership with a like-minded organization for a global spiritual activism event. Humanity's Team teammates' participation in the Global Free Hugs event provides two opportunities:

1. Global Spiritual Activism eventWe have found each other, we have gathered, we have organized, and now it is time to move as One. The Global Free Hugs event allows Humanity's Team teammates and others the opportunity to practice moving as One. Furthermore, participation in this simple spiritual activism event gives us the opportunity to practice aspects of the New Spirituality in the global community. In essence, we are uniting to illustrate our oneness by embracing "others" (our Self) with a hug. Think about it. Our first global movement as One is a nurturing hug to our Self (an embracing hug that expresses unconditional Love and our Oneness with each other).

2. Another way to obtain signatures for the Oneness Day PetitionPositive Focus is already promoting the Oneness Day Petition on their website and newsletters, and all participants of this event will be given the opportunity to sign the Oneness Day Petition. We are recommending two methods of signing the Oneness Day Petition at the Global Free Hugs event. Please ask all participants to sign the Oneness Day Petition. Either of these methods will accomplish this task:Sign the Oneness Day Petition Document: Click here to see a printable version of the Oneness Day Petition and sign up sheet "kit." You will need to print it off and take it to the event with you. Some people still do not like using computers and will prefer this method. Sign the Oneness Day Petition Online: If possible, have a teammate of the group bring a wireless laptop computer to the Global Free Hugs location. (Make sure you are able to make an internet connection at the chosen location.) Then ask all participants if they are willing to sign the Oneness Day Petition online. Click here to Sign the World Oneness Day Petition now

Please start planning now to organize this event in your area. You must visit the Positive Focus website to obtain sign up and participant information:

Watch the Global Free Hug Invitation:

Send Humanity's Team a picture or two of your favorite hugs to be included in the Global Free Hugs video that they will be creating and will post on YouTube. To send your best pictures or if you have any questions, please contact Humanity's Team at
*I will be taking part in this event while roving as The Barefoot Storyteller at Harvest Fest in Castonguay Square, Waterville. A day of family fun, with hayrides, family pumpkin carving, live music, farmers' market, and more! Hope to see you there!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Local Children's Book Authur in Competition

Wendi Richards, of Fairfield, is a national finalist in the ABCs Children's Book Competition! Her story, A Little Monster Day, is about a precocious preschooler with an out-of-control imagination. Tanya's pretend play gets her into all sorts of hilarious trouble. But all will be well, because we parents love our little monsters, anyway. You can read A Little Monster Day, along with the nine other finalists at Each story is posted along with a sample illustration, to give you an idea of how it will look once it is a published picture book. To win this competition and get Wendi's book published, she needs to gather the most on-line votes. Voting runs from Sunday September 21 to Sunday October 5. You can vote once everyday from your home computer. This is an incredible opportunity and I hope you will help Wendi win.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Go Green with Amazon

Amazon recently launched Amazon Green... a cross-category program that includes a list of products that customers have selected as the best green products offered by and a place for customers to discover Amazon's entire green product selection.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Ceramic Travel Cups

Ceramic outer shell, with stainless steel inner sleeve, gasket-sealed lid, with snap tight closure, ideal for hot or cold beverages. Holds 15 oz. and fits into most vehicle's cup holders. $22 each
Available at many of my cafepress shops, including:

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Donating Baby Carriers to Mamas

You all know that I highly advocate "wearing" your baby...toddler...child... (and yes, I do happen to sell slings and carriers too but I'll also give you directions on how to make your own!) and this subject recently came up: "Is there a place to donate your sling/baby carrier when it's no longer needed by you, so it can help another family?" The answer is yes, and they don't have to be can purchase a new one to donate, or just donate funds. Please click on the banner below to learn more...or apply for a sling if you need one! Happy Babywearing, Dawnella

Friday, May 02, 2008

New Barefoot Books Stallholder Opportunity

No sign up fee, no mandatory kit, free web-site banners, earn 20% - 33% on sales

Barefoot Books Monthly Book Club

In the Waterville Maine area (coming some to Belfast and Skowhegan as well) your child can join this book club series and it'll be like getting a gift each month...the gift of reading!
There are three different series to choose from, currently offered as 6-month subscriptions. These books can be picked up at The Inside Out Playground at 5 Appleton Street on either the first or third Thursday of each month when The Barefoot Storyteller comes to visit.
The First Steps Series
The child receives one gift wrapped board book each month. Books may include:
The Elusive Moose; How Big is a Pig; One Moose Twenty Mice; Cleo's Counting Book.
6-month subscription - $56
World at their Feet Series
(Read together 0 - 5 year old; Read alone 5 - 9 year old)
The child receives one gift wrapped hardback book a month.
The books within this Series expose children to the variety of beautiful cultures around the world. Examples of books distributed within this Series include, We're Sailing Down the Nile; We All Went on Safari; My Granny Went to Market or Mama Panya's Pancakes.
6-month subscription - $109
Tell me a Story Series
(Read Together 0 - 5 year old; Read alone 5 - 9 year old)
The child receives one gift wrapped hardback book a month.
The books within this Series include The Tear Thief; The Boy Who Grew Flowers; I Took the Moon for a Walk; Listen, Listen; My Daddy is a Pretzel.
6-month subscription - $109
Contact me personally for more information and to set up your child's membership.
Happy Reading!

Friday, January 18, 2008

Support Maine Music

Did you hear that the Prairie Home Companion will be in Bangor, Maine in May??? Often the show will feature an artist from the state they are going to, and I'd love to see our own Carol Noonan be a part of this! Isn't she, after all, following in Mr. Keillor's footsteps a bit with her Stone Mountain LIVE variety show?
You can read a bit more about Carol and follow the link to her site by visiting here: then, please let the folks at Prairie Home Companion you'd like to see Carol at their show in Bangor later this Spring. Email them at:

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Breastfeed your child

Just so you know, you can *always* breastfeed your child at a Mothers Moon (of course) or Barefoot Storyteller event!

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Health Watch

Energy-Saving Bulbs Causing Migraine Headaches - Switched: Gadgets, Tech, Digital Stuff for the Rest of Us According the U.K.'s Migraine Action Association and other health organizations, the lights also cause headaches, as well as nausea, dizziness, and even physical pain for those suffering with lupus, according to the study. In both the United States and the United Kingdom, traditional incandescent bulbs are set to be completely phased out by 2012.