Monday, July 06, 2009

Doula Book

If you are considering having a doula present at your labor and birthing process but are still gathering information, please have a look at Boston birth expert Ananda Lowe's recently published book. It covers these topics and more!
  • Doulas as a form of pain relief
  • Doulas and the prevention of prematurity
  • Information for mothers and their loved ones in all family structures (married, single, partnered, heterosexual, lesbian, and mothers whose baby will be adopted by another family)
  • New ways to push out a baby
  • Can doulas prevent all interventions?
  • Back labor: the good news
  • Using belly dance for birth
  • How to use a "walking" epidural
  • Supporting teens
  • Doulas as leaders in health care reform
  • When should you really go to the hospital in labor?
  • Labor is not about dilation
  • 12 alternatives to a vaginal exam
  • What is fetal distress? A guide to the baby's heart rate
  • Laboring with disabilities or chronic illness
  • Eating normally in labor
  • How to sleep in labor
  • How to "prepare" for unplanned epidurals and cesareans
  • When healing from unplanned interventions is needed
  • How to have an empowering birth of twins
  • Paying for your doula using a baby gift registry
  • How to ask your heath insurance to pay for your doula
  • Get ready now: what really happens postpartum