Friday, March 11, 2005

Mothers Moon Links

Here's the link to my *mostly* all-inclusive web-site...
and then there's my companion web-sites...
For select handmade products:
A place for women to gather to talk about fertility, pregnancy & birth:
For easy on-line ordering of select products:
For information on Storytimes for Children:
For Mother Moon Music:
Okay, so there's a bunch of places you can go to find out more about me, what I offer, et cetera... and I'm assuming that if you are reading this blog that my sort of thing interests you...super!...but sometimes the best advertising is controversy and it seems I have been made famous by another's personal blog. Being nominated for "Mother Who Should Be Arrested"...hmmm well everyone is entitled to their opinion, and I welcome you to share yours with Michelle. View her blog here:

Monday, January 24, 2005

Mountain Rose Herbs

Mothers Moon has long been a proud Affiliate of Mountain Rose Herbs Mountain Rose Herbs is a Herbs, Health & Harmony Company... Since 1987 Mountain Rose Herbs has become the Leading Organic Supplier in not only the finest organic botanical products, but the freshest as well. From their bulk organic herbs and spices, to their essential oils and herbal teas, the quality and integrity of what they offer is unparalleled and they guarantee you a smile. In fact, they firmly believe nobody can deliver a better product. Mountain Rose Herbs promises to deliver pure goodness and quality products from a loving, fun, and knowledgeable staff that are always there to assist you with any questions you may have. Just click on the link below!

Monday, January 03, 2005

Mothers Moon Natural Care

Mothers Moon:
offering gentle natural pre-pregnancy, pregnancy,birthing, post-partum, & breastfeeding support :: intuitive parenting classes :: bellycastings, blessingways & baby welcomings ::
women's reiki & meditation circles :: storytimes for children ::
home crafted organic soaps, beeswax candles,jewelry, silks, art & other natural products for nurturing mother, child & planet
Fees for services start at standard rates, but are evaluated on a case by case, needs by needs basis.(Including free birth doula services as well as postpartum consultations that are available to low-income, teen, and single moms who plan to give birth within thirty miles of my home.)
Dawnella Sutton:
member of: MELCA, The Birth Workers Alliance, MAID, Midwives of Maine, & LLLI
* schedule of meditation groups & womens retreats ongoing *
First Wednesday of the month:Attachment Parenting Group, Freedom Maine
Second Wednesday of the month:Trust Birth meeting, Freedom Maine
Third Wednesday of the month:Spiritual Parenting meeting, Freedom Maine Various dates:
BOLD meetings (under the red tent), Back Door to the Moon, Winslow Maine* & Mothers Moon, Freedom Maine.
Opening Yourself to Fertility, Back Door to the Moon, Winslow Maine*
Hypbirth, Hypnobirthing, and other Birthing Self-Hypnosis, Back Door to the Moon, Winslow Maine*
Women's Guided Meditation, Back Door to the Moon, Winslow Maine* & Mothers Moon, Freedom Maine
Women's Full Moon Drumming Circles, Freedom Maine
Summer Tea Over-looking the Pond, Freedom Maine
A chance to sample herbal teas & preview Mothers Moon products, ask questions about my doula services, find a private meditation spot, or talk with other moms.
Please contact me at for more information on any of these classes or events, including to schedule a tea for your own special group. *All Mothers Moon classes given at Back Door to the Moon have a five person minimum and are $25 per person. Pre-registration is required, please call Back Door to the Moon at 873 - MOON

Mothers Moon Soaps

Mothers Moon soaps are all natural, air-dried & hand carved.They are made with oils of olive, coconut & palm, essential oils, organic herbs & spices
4 ounce size $6
currently available in:
lavender oatmeal
almond oatmeal
comfrey & calendula
Mothers Baby Moon Soap: made with saponified oils of olive,coconut & palm, essential oil of lavender,shea butter,organic comfrey root,organic chammomile flowers,organic calendula flowers,organic goats milk & honey.
1 ounce $2 ~ 3 ounce $6.50
Mothers Moon Milk Soap is made with: all natural breast milk,olive oil,honey,and glycerin I create my soaps using my own breast milk. The soap is mixed and molded on the full moon,and then “rests” for two moons.
The very first batch of breast milk soap that I made was an unscented soap in honor of my son’s first birthday. It was made on the full “Hare” Moon of May (Mother’s Day this year), and wrapped on the full “Blessing” Moon of July. (which also happened to be my son’s birthday!) In honor of a special ceremony for my son,this soap I enhanced with essential oil of sage, long known as a purifying and protecting herb. It was made on the full “Harvest” Moon of September, and wrapped on the full “Snow” Moon of November,also an occasion of a lunar eclipse that year. And for the Winter Solstice Moon in December I made relaxing lavender soap.
I also started making comfrey & calendula.
now available in unscented ~ 3 ounce $2.50
Soap is available at:
Back Door to the Moon, Winslow Maine
Blessed Baby Boutique, Wilton Maine
or contact me at
to order


Barefoot Books
Settle into your comfiest story chair, grab a cup of faerie tea, tuck some dreams & wishes into a bundle just the right size for a ride on an elephant's back and you are ready to explore Barefoot Books. Barefoot Books celebrates art & story which opens the hearts & minds of children from all walks of life, inspiring them to read deeper, search further, and explore their own creative gifts.

In-home shopping, on-line shopping, fund raisers, and more.


Please also visit Books by Lori Lite
Beautiful empowering books for children... & more.




This is just a brief overview of Blessingways...
The Blessing Way ceremony is inspired from ancient customs and traditions that embrace the spirituality of motherhood with the collective power of a community of women's support. (this is concidered a "sacred circle" and is attended only by women...and often their young children too)
A blessingway ceremony,in any form,is a celebration of a rite of passage of some sort (blessingways in native american traditions include first menarche,and "croning" for women as well,and weaning from the breast for young children male or female,for example)... in this case,with the capitol "B",it's for the transition into motherhood,and includes blessings for a "good" labor & birthing experiance,and a healthy mother & child. It can include many customized parts,as I do belly castings,and henna art too...and if done here at my place it's usually done outside by the water and can include gentle swimming meditations or a drumming circle....but most all ceremonies include some interactive rituals,such as: weaving flowers in the woman's hair, giving her a massaging foot bath, beading her a keepsake necklace, candlelight blessings, poetry readings.
The ceremony begins by gathering everyone around the mom-to-be and all are focused on her while listening to the friend chosen to lead the ceremony. One person will weave flowers into her hair or place a floral wreath on her head; another is beading a necklace with beads everyone has brought. Everyone else can participate by massaging her feet in a foot bath and again by giving a wish and loving words of encouragement for her during the candle light segment. A "food train" list is made for any volunteers to bring a dinner to the family after the child is born,and the ceremony ends with a beautiful poetry reading. I usually ask everyone to bring a healthy "mama" snack to share...something the mama can actually eat and it benifits her & the child's health,usually grains or something "earthy"...and I supply the herbal tea :)
My fees vary depending upon what is to be included,anywhere between $40 and $200 most of the time.
My Baby Welcoming ceremonies are much the same,though citing different traditions and involving friends & family (read here: "male as well as female"),and the basic ceremony is $30...just in case you are interested :)


As well as regularly scheduled Mothers Moon attachment (intuative) parenting events, I also offer childcare/playgroups. As a compassionate stay at home mother of a Summer 2001 baby, I am willing to nurture your little one,while encouraging self-discovery & independance.
Play-learning,art-therapy,story times take place here at my home for children "Autumn 2001" or younger. I also welcome moms and babes to my home for social time together...such as playgroup,arts & crafts,story time,movies,walking in the woods and all sorts of stuff!
Moon Child was born from my doula practice, my storytelling and childrens workshops, and simply from being a home schooling mom. Moon Child offers gentle nurturing guidance for your little one, while encouraging self-discovery and independance through creative play, art, storytelling, and yoga, all in a nature enriched environment. Based in my home, in Freedom Maine, for ages newborn to seven years. Hourly rates with discounts for siblings. Pre-registration required.
Moon Child is not a licenced day care facility, but rather an extention and combination of my child centered education and experiances. If it is of interest, being certified by the State of Maine as an Educational Technician, my background has been checked, and my fingerprints have been filed.
Please contact me for more information

Belfast & Freedom area AP group

As an experianced AP mom, I invite others to join me for group meetings or private consultations. Information on breastfeeding,sling wearing, co-sleeping, non-vaxing,homeschooling and much more. This group's intention is for parents of children born in 2002 or younger,and will grow as the children do into "attachment parenting the older child". Pregnant women also very much welcomed!
A meet-up group can also be found at

Earth Mama Angel Baby

Mothers Moon, offering gentle pregnancy, birth, post partum & breastfeeding support, is proud to use Earth Mama Angel Baby products. Healing teas, balms, herb-infused massage oils, herbal compresses & bath herbs, soothing music, hot & cold packs, natural aromatherapy mists, birth hypnosis, and more.
The birth of every new baby is another opportunity for the world to heal itself, and therefore is a gift to us all. Honoring this gift, Earth Mama Angel Baby turned to the earth and her "pharmacy",just as our foremothers did. They used her plants that have long supported women through their journey of pregnancy, labor, post partum recovery, breastfeeding, caring for their babies and even baby loss.
Earth Mama Angel Baby products are made with certified organic/organically grown herbs - products to support and pamper the entire process - from conception to birth and beyond. None of the products have been tested on animals nor do they contain any artificial colorings, dyes, perfumes or preservatives. Growing, birthing and nurturing babies are all natural events. Care for yourself and your gift from heaven - naturally.
I make Earth Mama Angel Baby products available to you by friendly home visit, or via on-line ordering through my personal link found on the "Favorite Shops" page at & by email at

My CafePress Shops

My CafePress Shops include:
Nurture the Child
Cloth Diapers for Peace
New Shop! Mothers Moon Earth Mama! If you are a "natural birthing, breastfeeding, baby wearing, cloth diapering earth mama" show it proudly on a new maternity shirt, a button, bumpersticker or tote bag! Other slogans available for your favorite earth baby, earth child, and earth papa too!
these Cafe Press Shops give donations:
(all three have logos in support of breastfeeding, and 5% of all sales goes to La Leche League International)
(with logo in support of breastfeeding, and 10% of all sales go to La Leche League International) *with newly updated designs!
(another flower logo & slogan, where 5% of all sales goes to La Leche League International)
(10% of the sales from *all* products will be donated to the Natural Child Project )
20% of the sales from *all* products will be donated to the Fair Trade Resource Network
(with 5% of *all* sales from these products proudly going to The Family Pride Coalition)
and these promote my business: (my first CafePress Shop)
Featured shop!
October is known as "breast cancer awareness month", but Mothers Moon encourages you to celebrate "breast health month" EVERY month! Breastfeeding your baby is good for both you & your baby. *This shop's main image was proudly choosen to be part of's Breast Cancer Donation Shop October 2006!


I use the Hypbirth program in my doula practice, and also offer it for sale. HypBirth is a complete in-home training program for the preparation of an easier childbirth and relaxation during pregnancy. HypBirth offers real, workable tools that help you sleep better, experience more energy during your pregnancy, reduce anxiety and eliminate childbirth fears.
The HypBirth program is scientifically based on removal of the stress hormones largely responsible for the pain in childbirth. You will learn how to eliminate these stress hormones and instead, elevate your body's own natural pain reliever.
With the HypBirth program you can expect to achieve a more comfortable labor, generally faster delivery and build confidence and comfort during your pregnancy.
This is a four week long program designed to work around your schedule. It provides step-by-step support with a complete hour-and-a-half training video featuring 10 recorded births of women actually in labor that interactively takes you through each of the 7 CDs included in the program. With the gentle sounds of lullaby music in the background, listen to the instructor's voice and feel she is speaking directly to you. Your private instructor guides you throughout the preparatory stages of the program and continues to be with you in actual labor through the use of the interactive Labor Companion CD. Also included is HypBirth HypNotes, which will enable your partner to be your facilitator.
Preparing with the HypBirth program will:
* Produce a faster and easier delivery* Minimize pain dramatically during labor and birth* Reduce the need for an episiotomy* Enhance comfort and sleep in your pregnancy* Give you higher levels of energy* Help to reduce or eliminate postpartum depression* Create deeper levels of bonding with your baby*
And 80% of all clients give birth in less than six hours, including first time moms
HypBirth comes with a money-back guarantee within one year of purchase if you aren't completely satisfied.


Mothers Moon Nursing Necklaces Mothers Moon signature nursing necklace is a carved bone (harvested from a domesticated animal that lived a full & useful life) goddess with full breasts and a spiral upon her belly. Hand strung and knotted upon your choice of leather or cotton cord,and with or without bead embellishments.
"Nursing Necklaces" are necklaces that hang down for your baby to see and touch while at the breast. Magic Magnetic Clasps allow you to remove the necklace easily if she should fall asleep with it in her hand, and also allows it to break away should she tug too hard.
This latter feature is helpful with older children who may grab at the necklace as well, and for that reason also makes a good clasp for necklaces (and bracelets & anklets) for active older children to wear themselves. People of all ages who have trouble binding clasps find these much easier to put on and take off.
Prices vary from $10 to $25
I also create many other beaded necklaces, bracelets, anklets & earrings, including a selection of nursing reminder bracelets, hand-strung on stretch cording. Breastfeeding experts usually recommend nursing on both sides during a feeding, starting with the side that the baby last nursed on. After nursing simply slip the bracelet upon the wrist on the side you last nursed on. Mothers Moon jewelry can be custom ordered, in stock designs offered at various shows I do throughout the year and through special sales upon my web-sites, and is also available at: Back Door To The Moon, 24 Lithgow Street, Winslow 873-MOON and The Blessed Baby Boutique, 346 Main Street, Wilton 645 - 4MOM Contact me for other pricing, availability & design choices as well as other ordering information
My beautiful son has also taken up creating jewelry (as well as his other artful talents) and we are in the process of creating a blog for him as well. He has chosen "Out of This World Creations by Little Man " for his working business name, with a rocketship logo.
Some of his work can proudly be found for sale at his godmother Sandi's shop, Back Door to the Moon 24 Lithgow Street, Winslow Maine.