Monday, January 03, 2005


I use the Hypbirth program in my doula practice, and also offer it for sale. HypBirth is a complete in-home training program for the preparation of an easier childbirth and relaxation during pregnancy. HypBirth offers real, workable tools that help you sleep better, experience more energy during your pregnancy, reduce anxiety and eliminate childbirth fears.
The HypBirth program is scientifically based on removal of the stress hormones largely responsible for the pain in childbirth. You will learn how to eliminate these stress hormones and instead, elevate your body's own natural pain reliever.
With the HypBirth program you can expect to achieve a more comfortable labor, generally faster delivery and build confidence and comfort during your pregnancy.
This is a four week long program designed to work around your schedule. It provides step-by-step support with a complete hour-and-a-half training video featuring 10 recorded births of women actually in labor that interactively takes you through each of the 7 CDs included in the program. With the gentle sounds of lullaby music in the background, listen to the instructor's voice and feel she is speaking directly to you. Your private instructor guides you throughout the preparatory stages of the program and continues to be with you in actual labor through the use of the interactive Labor Companion CD. Also included is HypBirth HypNotes, which will enable your partner to be your facilitator.
Preparing with the HypBirth program will:
* Produce a faster and easier delivery* Minimize pain dramatically during labor and birth* Reduce the need for an episiotomy* Enhance comfort and sleep in your pregnancy* Give you higher levels of energy* Help to reduce or eliminate postpartum depression* Create deeper levels of bonding with your baby*
And 80% of all clients give birth in less than six hours, including first time moms
HypBirth comes with a money-back guarantee within one year of purchase if you aren't completely satisfied.