Monday, January 03, 2005

Mothers Moon Soaps

Mothers Moon soaps are all natural, air-dried & hand carved.They are made with oils of olive, coconut & palm, essential oils, organic herbs & spices
4 ounce size $6
currently available in:
lavender oatmeal
almond oatmeal
comfrey & calendula
Mothers Baby Moon Soap: made with saponified oils of olive,coconut & palm, essential oil of lavender,shea butter,organic comfrey root,organic chammomile flowers,organic calendula flowers,organic goats milk & honey.
1 ounce $2 ~ 3 ounce $6.50
Mothers Moon Milk Soap is made with: all natural breast milk,olive oil,honey,and glycerin I create my soaps using my own breast milk. The soap is mixed and molded on the full moon,and then “rests” for two moons.
The very first batch of breast milk soap that I made was an unscented soap in honor of my son’s first birthday. It was made on the full “Hare” Moon of May (Mother’s Day this year), and wrapped on the full “Blessing” Moon of July. (which also happened to be my son’s birthday!) In honor of a special ceremony for my son,this soap I enhanced with essential oil of sage, long known as a purifying and protecting herb. It was made on the full “Harvest” Moon of September, and wrapped on the full “Snow” Moon of November,also an occasion of a lunar eclipse that year. And for the Winter Solstice Moon in December I made relaxing lavender soap.
I also started making comfrey & calendula.
now available in unscented ~ 3 ounce $2.50
Soap is available at:
Back Door to the Moon, Winslow Maine
Blessed Baby Boutique, Wilton Maine
or contact me at
to order