Monday, January 03, 2005


Mothers Moon Nursing Necklaces Mothers Moon signature nursing necklace is a carved bone (harvested from a domesticated animal that lived a full & useful life) goddess with full breasts and a spiral upon her belly. Hand strung and knotted upon your choice of leather or cotton cord,and with or without bead embellishments.
"Nursing Necklaces" are necklaces that hang down for your baby to see and touch while at the breast. Magic Magnetic Clasps allow you to remove the necklace easily if she should fall asleep with it in her hand, and also allows it to break away should she tug too hard.
This latter feature is helpful with older children who may grab at the necklace as well, and for that reason also makes a good clasp for necklaces (and bracelets & anklets) for active older children to wear themselves. People of all ages who have trouble binding clasps find these much easier to put on and take off.
Prices vary from $10 to $25
I also create many other beaded necklaces, bracelets, anklets & earrings, including a selection of nursing reminder bracelets, hand-strung on stretch cording. Breastfeeding experts usually recommend nursing on both sides during a feeding, starting with the side that the baby last nursed on. After nursing simply slip the bracelet upon the wrist on the side you last nursed on. Mothers Moon jewelry can be custom ordered, in stock designs offered at various shows I do throughout the year and through special sales upon my web-sites, and is also available at: Back Door To The Moon, 24 Lithgow Street, Winslow 873-MOON and The Blessed Baby Boutique, 346 Main Street, Wilton 645 - 4MOM Contact me for other pricing, availability & design choices as well as other ordering information
My beautiful son has also taken up creating jewelry (as well as his other artful talents) and we are in the process of creating a blog for him as well. He has chosen "Out of This World Creations by Little Man " for his working business name, with a rocketship logo.
Some of his work can proudly be found for sale at his godmother Sandi's shop, Back Door to the Moon 24 Lithgow Street, Winslow Maine.