Monday, January 03, 2005

Earth Mama Angel Baby

Mothers Moon, offering gentle pregnancy, birth, post partum & breastfeeding support, is proud to use Earth Mama Angel Baby products. Healing teas, balms, herb-infused massage oils, herbal compresses & bath herbs, soothing music, hot & cold packs, natural aromatherapy mists, birth hypnosis, and more.
The birth of every new baby is another opportunity for the world to heal itself, and therefore is a gift to us all. Honoring this gift, Earth Mama Angel Baby turned to the earth and her "pharmacy",just as our foremothers did. They used her plants that have long supported women through their journey of pregnancy, labor, post partum recovery, breastfeeding, caring for their babies and even baby loss.
Earth Mama Angel Baby products are made with certified organic/organically grown herbs - products to support and pamper the entire process - from conception to birth and beyond. None of the products have been tested on animals nor do they contain any artificial colorings, dyes, perfumes or preservatives. Growing, birthing and nurturing babies are all natural events. Care for yourself and your gift from heaven - naturally.
I make Earth Mama Angel Baby products available to you by friendly home visit, or via on-line ordering through my personal link found on the "Favorite Shops" page at & by email at