Tuesday, March 10, 2015


My son is a teenager. Hasn't been for quite a year yet, but a teenager nonetheless. I adore the person he is becoming as much as the person he is now and the person he was before that. But sometimes we look back, and we miss those younger days of our children. When everything is new to them, every experience precious... and we hope to see that wonder in their eyes every day for the rest of their lives. And some of us miss that all consuming devotion we had to our children... breastfeeding anytime/anywhere, housework can wait, cloth is best... and we promise to always make our children our highest priority; but somehow, sometimes, a few things get lost along the way. Breastfeeding on demand at age two...at age eleven we haven't the time to make a proper supper so go ahead and eat cold cereal.  'Mommy & Me' type playgroups at age three...at age twelve it's I'll drop you off here while I go do the shopping. Zero screen time through age five... at age thirteen all the reference books in the house are out of date, and homework is all done on the computer.  I'm nostalgic. I wear rose colored glasses when I look back at those times. It seemed....not easier, really, but everything was more worth while. An honest purpose to everything. 

The other day a friend seemed surprised when I said I had previous experience in direct sales... and that along with my nostalgia for those years prompted me to go dig out some of my old Unique Baby/Natural Family Boutique materials. My transitioning into a 'job' that wasn't making something with my own hands. Artist, doula, hedgewitch, storyteller...and now to market something (other than books) that someone else had created. And I loved working for the company. The home parties, and events, and everything we stood for. Do you remember me from then?

Those feelings are what I think obviously brought me to Green Home... I'd love to recreate as much of the experience as possible.

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